Tuesday, August 9, 2016



Monday was a bright and beautiful day and six of our number went to Falmouth to represent Cape in a Friendly.

Our team; Ruth and Liz; Sue D and Chris J; Lindsay and Di.

The format chosen by Falmouth was Fourball Betterball Matchplay and that is exactly what we played.

The result of the match was a win to Falmouth two games to one.

The course was in fabulous condition, the greens were great - a good speed but not too fast.

Personally I hadn't played the course since the changes were made and it was a new course for Liz. I was sad to see the loss of the old 8th - the par three that ran down to a beautiful cedar. It was a lovely par 3 with a tricky green and I was sad to see it go. I had never played 10 because it was being worked on, nor the new 11th. 
The course was playing very well.

However, I really must apologise to our team for my ill-preparedness for the format. I had hoped we would 'soften' the format and play as we did at West Cornwall. It was not to be, there was more than a little confusion and I am sorry for that.

 Fourball Betterball matchplay is not a format that most of the team had played before - the nearest thing is probably our knockouts.

  The lowest handicapper plays off scratch and  "concedes strokes to the other three players based on 90% of the difference between the full handicaps".

For example, in our match I played off scratch and Liz played off 17! 

Simply playing off 90% would have had me playing off 15 and Liz of 32... a difference of 17 so it is actually the same either way. It just feels harsher. I'm sorry for my angst.

Liz hit a fabulous drive on the first when she out-drove everyone by 50 yards!

Our next Friendly is at home against Merlin on Thursday 18th August... the format will be our choice so if you have signed up then let me know what you would like!


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