Saturday, August 13, 2016


Botrea Bowl

Today was the Botrea Bowl - seventeen ladies  came to compete. 

The weather however was playing a game all of its own and our clear but cloudy start turned into a gentle mizzle... which turned into drizzle... then the odd drop of rain and finally fog! 

Suddenly it all cleared and we finished in sunshine!

Spot the green!
Lindsay on the 10th
When the fog came in it was touch and go about continuing, but as we came through to the 12th it was much clearer so most ploughed on! However for some who were on the front 9 when the fog came in, it proved too thick and they came in.

Those that completed had some decent scores. Anne was beaten on countback to fourth place by Lindsay with 34 points. In third came Lyn with 35. Di was second with a fabulous 39, but our winner with a superb 41 was Jayne! Well played Jayne - a fabulous score and well deserved winner of the Botrea Bowl.

Botrea Bowl winner, Jayne. 

For the full results click here.

Well played all, next weekend is very busy... good luck to everyone wherever you're playing.

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