Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More Tuesday Fun


 Today twelve folk turned up to play.

We had a new format which proved to be great fun and which made us all think.

We played the front nine in teams of three - two scores to count.

Straightforward - but there was a twist.

On the first hole we teed off from the white tee, on the 2nd the Yellow tee and on the third the red tee... and then we repeated ... a Tee Waltz!

It was interesting to be playing from different places, giving a sometimes surprising views of the course.

The winners were Lindsay, Nick and Dave with a magnificent score of 40 points.

Lots of fun - thanks once again to Lyn for organising our Tuesdays.


  1. Not me - I think you had a touch of "finger-slip" there! Lyn does all the organising on Tuesday's - all thanks to her.😊

    1. - Google put in the apostrophe and I didn't notice - Tuesdays........!!

    2. I did! Thanks Lindsay - I meant Lyn!!!