Thursday, April 20, 2017

Aussie Spoons


...and what a good day it was!

The weather was absolutely glorious.

We have such a lovely group of ladies... always thoughtful for the needs of each other. 

For example, Sarah... telling us today about a good deal which is on at Lidl's... 

...she even  brought the label so we could be in no doubt.


Hortus I believe... for those that enjoy gin!

We were truly spoiled for the weather today and 
several pairs of ladies came to play the Australian Spoons... a foursomes stableford competition over 18 holes.

The winners can go through to a regional final which this year is at Val F's course at Long Sutton, so it would be lovely if someone made it there from Cape.

Mark and his team were working hard - the course was amazing... he was watering some of the greens and kindly turned off the taps as we approached so we wouldn't get a drenching!

You can see from the picture above that the sea was like a mirror at the start... not a breath of wind... absolutely perfect!

Lynne and Pam came and played 9 holes because they had commitments to return to, and some of our ladies came later to play so we will have to wait for the results until all the cards are in.

We certainly had a lot of fun out there today... and judging from the laughter floating across the course on many occasions... lots of us had fun!

Thanks to Mother Nature for her smile today and to Mark and the team for the condition of our amazing course - it is fabulous!

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