Thursday, April 27, 2017


Thursday's front 9

The cold winds abated to allow good conditions for the morning's play. The first four cards handed in seemed to confirm the inevitable countback situation, as they all showed 14 points. However, Chris James then returned 17 points but was still unable to better Liz Nicholls with another amazing score of 21 points. Lynne McArthur's 13 points earned her the first place in the B group.

Some of us then stayed on to hear Lynn Exley introduce us to the basics of Foundation Training. The sight of a group of ladies taking up what might seem like some rather ungainly poses may have confused others in the area, but the ideas were most interesting and inspiring to those of us involved.
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If you are interested in finding ways to improve your golf, it will be worth looking at Lynn's website for some ideas.

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  1. I'm sorry I missed the talk - but well done Liz and Chris!