Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dee and Ray's Trophy

Dee and Ray's Trophy

Today we played the Dee and Ray Trophy Texas Scramble, we had good weather though fresher than of late!

Twenty one wonderful ladies took part including Michelle who it was lovely to have playing again! Welcome back!

We were also joined by Lynn Ex who is down for the week. In fact Jan, Marion and Lynn had a two on the 13th!  Well played! I'll award your balls on Thursday!

There was definitely a chill in the air except down in the sheltered 13th where this tiny little speck of Scarlet Pimpernel was shining among the daisies!

It was lovely to welcome Poppy to award the trophy. She brought a polished pebble for us all and set up a tab for us all to have a drink. 

Thank you Poppy.

In second place were Hilary, Anne and Bronwen. With 9 pars and 2 birdies, they had a very good score of 67.25; three shots better than their nearest rivals. Well played!

In first place were the 'F team'. Fabulous, Fantastic, Formidable; Fiona, Fran and Frieda!!

We knew when the draw was done that this team would be fiercely difficult to beat and that's as it proved!

Well played you three... 7 pars and 4 birdies brought in a suitably fantastic score of 66.25! 
Worthy winners!

Well played all - great to see everyone... the weather is turning cooler now so we may need our thermals again next week!

Thanks again to Poppy for coming and making today special.


Can you spot the kestrel... it was hovering just above the ground in the field just beyond the first... fabulous to watch!

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