Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ping 4 Ball Better Ball

Ping 4 Ball

Today it was the Ping 4 Ball Better Ball and after a cloudy start the weather was lovely.  There were 14 ladies who played today - 3 groups of four plus Jean and Val on their own as a two ball. The scores were pretty good, with 34 points being the lowest!

The first four ball teeing off.

Anne  was playing very steadily but was heard to grumble about her swing... it was only "half a swing"   Below is the typical result of one of Anne's tee shots!

Anne's tee shot on the tenth!

However... she didn't always have luck... can you spot the ball below?(Half of it only as a rubbish picture!)
Spot the ball in the rabbit hole.... on the 13th!
Anyway - to the results, Lyn and Judy were third with 38 points. The winners had to be decided on Countback as both pairs had 44 points! The winners were Michelle and Ros, pushing Jean and Val into second. 
Well played everyone!

Our Ping Winners

Val's two's prize
Val had a two on the twelfth - well played!
For the full result click here

Next Week is Festival Week - with the Ladies Open on Saturday.

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