Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Lucky Tuesday

Nine folk turned up for our Fun Tuesday evening golf. We played in teams of three with two scores to count. This week the three ladies played together and it proved a lucky combination.
Almost a hole in 1!

The ladies decided to start on the twelfth... Ruth pulled her drive way left... Sarah stood on the tee and as she launched her ball she said "Oh... I didn't mean to do that... oh dear..."

The ball sailed through the air... it landed.. it bounced... it ran... and you guessed it... it was almost a hole in one! 

Absolutely brilliant!  Sarah scored a 2 for 5 points!

Jayne had a 4 for 3 points and scored well throughout the round!

Sarah's luck continued... on the 15th tee she decided to have a go at getting over the orchard... she miss-hit the ball...


..it ended up half-way across the bridge!

If she was heading for a bunker... this would happen...

Almost needless to say, the ladies came in with an outrageous score of 47!
Well played Sarah, Jayne and Ruth!

Second place scored 39... so 47 really was outrageous!

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