Thursday, June 30, 2016


Front 9 Qualifier

Our lovely course.

England Golf are encouraging clubs to add 9 Hole Qualifiers to the Competitions that they offer. They give the opportunity to keep handicaps accurate; to put in a Qualifying card which will count towards Trophy Competition requirements, and especially useful if pressed for time or returning from illness/absence. It's a great way back in.

So, today was the first of these - a trial run to see how all the software would work and how it would turn out.

15 Ladies came to play - exact handicaps were written on the card  and 'strokes received' calculated. It seemed odd to be playing off 8, 12, 16 or whatever but the strokes received are actually similar to when playing our usual 18 holes - it just felt different!

5th Hole

The course itself is looking lovely and the greens are improving (it is good to be back on the first). It is such a difficult task to mend these greens but Mark seems to be making steady progress with them.

It was great to see a good turn out - the weather was overcast but good. In fact as we left the club after we'd had our coffee etc, a sea fret moved in and made things quite unpleasant. 

Anyway, on brighter things, it was good to have Jean  back among us after being poorly. 

In fact a tale needs to be told about Jean... on the second, she tried to chip in from next to the sand. 


Ruth's version: A huge rock leapt out of the bunker and sideswiped Jean's ball into the sand! 


Anne's version: the rock seductively enticed the ball into a sunbathe on the golden sand... 

whichever version you prefer - it was hard lines!

However... not to be put off Jean had a TWO on the fifth! Not just any sort of two... she chipped in from a mile away!

Jean just having played her shot on the 5th...

Any sign of the ball???

Apologies for the rather blurred picture... but Jean thought it was a joke!

No joke - a two for five!!!!

Well done!

There it is!
A Happy Jean!

In fact - Jean played so well - she won the competition!

Lindsay came second with 15, beating Ruth on Countback. Sonia was fourth.

The full result is here.

Some of you will have noticed that there was no Competition Scratch for this competition. This is in line with CONGU who have decided that no CSS will be worked out for 9 Hole Qualifying competitions. 

Next Thursday it will be a Qualifier on the Back 9. The same procedure will be followed and we'll see how it all works.

Many thanks to Hilary for coming specially today to organise this 9 Hole Qualifier.

Club Championships on Saturday - good luck everyone - lets pray for a dry day.

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