Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tuesday golf


Tuesday fun golf took the format of a Waltz. 

8th green

A Waltz is played in threes; on the fist hole only one score is recorded; on the next hole two scores and on the third three scores count...1,2,3 and then repeated... 123,123,123... hence a Waltz!

The weather was lovely though the wind was stronger than it has been for a while. The sky was absolutely gorgeous with high wispy clouds streaming across the blue. 

Eleven players played, in drawn teams of three. The team of two had  a secret partner - another player's score was added in at the end. 

The winners with 40 points were Mike D, Lyn and Jayne. In second were Chris J and Ruth (and their secret partner who turned out to be Mike D!)

A lovely evening, do come and join us if you can - it is lovely fun with several staying on for food afterwards.

Oh... and the greens are looking better every day... well done Mark!

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