Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Away-Day Sunday


...and Mothering Sunday too!

China Fleet welcomed us with, sunshine, blue sky and a brisk breeze. We were very pleased to discover that Buggies were allowed on the course! Hooray!

We met up in the golfers lounge greeting old friends! 

We were sad not to have Judy and Michelle with us and we missed Val F and Doris, but it was lovely to have Sonia back; Una who was just returned from a trip to India with Hils, and Val and Dorothy. 

We were also joined by five 'Cape Cornwall Newbies' with Fran, Jane, Frieda, Bronwen and Lynn E (who is a country member) risking everything by joining us for the first time.

    I had hoped we would also welcome my friend Jill as a guest player, to join our other guest player, Lis J from West Cornwall.

Jill is a friend from my previous club... in fact she is the first lady I played a proper round of golf with! As we played we discovered many things in common, teaching and Cornwall in particular - no to mention her sense of humour!  Now she is back home in Portwrinkle where her family are from. Whitsand Bay is her local course but new additions to her family have meant other priorities for the moment and no golf, so she was only able to join us for the meal on the Monday Evening. However - it was great to see her and I'm hoping she will play with us in September when my old club Pavenham Park are coming to Cape for a visit!

Anyway back to China Fleet... hugs over, Lindsay collected in the competition money... Hils did the ball sweep;  we got our cards;  some were able to check in as their rooms were ready; we made our dinner choices then set off for the first tee. 

We teed off at 12.30 in threes and fours... the threes having a sleeping partner who we would add in at the end. 
First off were Hils, Una and Fran... setting the style standard...

Jane's Mum had been busy knitting more hats... Fran is sporting one... the other is modelled by Pam below... it's a stunner... 

and even has a pompom!

I'm sure it was key in Pam's golfing performance...

more of which later!

Second out were Lyn, Sue... (I recognise that hat!) and Lynn.

From then on there were groups of four - our format was... teams of four with three balls to count.

Sue , Chris J (I recognise that hat!) Lis and Pam followed on.

Next came Jan, Di, Liz and Chris L.

There were 33 of us playing altogether and to split us into two almost even groups we moved the silver/bronze demarcation up to 25 and had Longest Drive and Nearest the Pins for both groups.

The rebellious group were next, Angie, Sarah, Frieda and me... and the camera went too so I'm hoping for photos of the other teams...

Anne, Val Sonia and Jenny made up the following team, with Fiona, Bronwen, Lindsay and Bev together next.

Frieda, Sarah and Angie on the second.

The final two teams were Viv, Antoinette, Jean and Jane (whose Mum is one of the amazing knitters!)

And, last but not least, Claire, Jayne and Ros. I have to say well played to Ros for playing this long course ...the first time playing 18 for such a long time and managing it!

3rd green.

For those who went out first it was fairly relaxed checking in to their rooms when they got in; for those last out it was definitely more of a rush... but we all made it, and got ready for dinner, meeting in Chris, Jane and Dorothy's room for a quick drink before dinner.

It was a bit of a squash getting 34 of us in...and it was a bit hot; and I hadn't got the message round to everyone to meet there (I'm sorry...) but we all got a drink then headed off to the Farmhouse for dinner.

This was a room we hadn't seen when Lindsay and I had come to view the place as an option for our away trip... but it was perfect!
 Even better than the room that had originally been offered!

Huge thanks to China Fleet for looking after our needs so well! 

Lots of drinking and eating then happened... we decided to leave the results until Monday evening... so it was a relaxing evening, eating, drinking and looking at old photos of when we were very young.

Even though we didn't do the prizes that evening I'm going to list the prize winners here... and hope for photos from folk later which I can add in...

 Longest Drive on the 11th for bronze was Di
Longest Drive for Silver was Jane ... who just pipped Hils!

Nearest the Pin on 5 for Bronze was Jan...great shot!
Nearest the Pin for Silver on 5 was Val... another great shot!

Nearest the Pin on the horrid 12th was Jean (ousting Frieda from the win!)
Nearest the Pin on 12 for Silver was our guest Lis J

All these lovely people won bottles of wine for their pains!

In the competition itself, winning our entry monies...  

Third place went to Viv, Antoinette, Jane and Jean with 83 points.

Second were Fran, Una, Hils and Frieda with 90 on countback 
from the winning team... also on 90 which was
Val, Anne, Sonia and Jenny!

Well played!

We also awarded a Shot of the Day... this also won a bottle of wine, a bright pink ball (impossible to see unless you're playing on snow) and a BRIGHT shiny pink head cover that had to be used the next day... and passed on to the next Shot of the Day winner.... 

Today this was won by Lynn who got on a par 5 in two!  
Chris L had almost won it with a chip in for a birdie... then Lynn came up on the rails and whipped the prize from her hands.
Joining in with the spirit of the weekend... Lynn dressed appropriately the next morning...
Lynn with her Shot of the Day head cover!

There were two twos today... Sue D and Val F who won a sleeve of balls... well done!

More anon....

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