Saturday, March 11, 2017


Saturday Stableford

Amazingly, when we got to Cape this morning there was no fog! We were all surprised... and hopeful!

View back from the first green!

We set off happily and began our round with the proviso that if the fog rolled in the first pair out, Jane and Frieda,  should stop if they felt it was unsafe.

We played one, two, three, four and five in fair conditions... and then the mist began to appear... gently at first and almost imperceptible.

Looking back towards the 6th green
By the 6th it was thickening but was patchy and still playable. We hoped we might get 9 holes completed but by the time Fran and I tackled the 9th it was much thicker. 
We decided we should stop after 9 holes and passed the message along. At the same time Jane and Fran who were nearing the 12th decided that it was too risky to venture further... and as these decisions were being made the Horn was blown by the Club to call us off the course.

It was a shame that we couldn't complete 9 holes but it was a fair call. Safety is paramount.
The competition was abandoned and money was returned.

Thanks everyone for giving it a go!

Next Saturday is a fun matchplay competition... The Tregeseal Tramps (led by Fran) are taking on the Brison Babes (led by Jane). 

This is a fun competition and even if you've not played Matchplay before don't worry and come and join in the fun! The sign up sheet is on the board... or let me know by email or text.

Thanks for today everyone.

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