Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bingo Bango Bongo

Saturday Fun Comp

What an amazing day!

Looking back from the 6th green.

The course was looking fabulous (thanks as always to Mark and his team), and we played a fun competition.

Bingo, Bango, Bongo it is named... but most thought it should be named Evil, more Evil and Most Evil; the Three Monkeys or B*gger B*gger B*gger!!


Well, Cape Ladies are very competitive!

We played the Old Back Nine, starting on the third and had absolutely fab conditions.

The format is fairly straightforward... there are three points on offer on each hole. 

The first point goes to the first person to get onto the green;
 the second point goes to the person who is closest  to the pin when everyone is on the green; 
and the third point goes to the person who sinks their putt first!

No other counting required.

Our competitive spirit came to the for and also a tiny evil streak in most of us!!

It is difficult to score all three points on one hole but both Fran and Sarah managed it!
Fran on the 7th and Sarah on the 9th! 
Well played!

In fourth place with 10 points on countback, was Marion - hooray!
In third place on countback was Sarah with 11 points. Second was me, also with 11 points and the winner was Fran with a terrific 12 points!

Thank you everyone for joining in with the fun... it was an interesting start to our weekend.

Thanks to Lindsay for Card-marking... and also for knitting this gorgeous hat...

 What stars you all are!

As we came off the course we noticed the scaffolding up against the water tower. 
Some of us ventured up there... accompanied by Brian who was giving guided tours!

The views were fabulous...  safe journeys tomorrow everyone... see you at China Fleet!

I'll leave you with the pics from the water tower :-)

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