Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tramps and Babes!


Today the Brison Babes took on the Tregeseal Tramps in a closely fought contest!

How lovely it was to have 20 of us playing! 
How lovely it was to see such bright colours!
And... how lovely it was that it didn't actually rain!

The forecast hadn't been very good and rain and even stronger winds were expected.

 However we are a resilient lot at Cape and we were prepared. 

In fact, we got away with a strong wind and damp in the air. The damp air gradually became thicker and by the time we stopped it was misty even foggy in places but we had all had a good contest by then. 

Half of us started on the 1st, and the rest on the 10th... it was a shock to play the 13th from the back tee! But a good thing to do!  One of our ladies was giving 20 shots - but she took it in her stride! 

We had agreed beforehand that if the weather drew in we would stop... some managed 16, others 9; 11 and various in between.  It was quite cold and foggy by the time we stopped so we were all glad to get in.

The result hung in the balance...  waiting on the final match back...  
they must be battling hard....  
  just look what they were doing!

"Getting ready for China Fleet" I was told... but I joined them in a very welcome port!

Thanks Claire....

Oh... the result of that final match? Incredibly it balanced everything up and the result was a draw overall!!!
Couldn't have planned that if we tried!
Well done Team Captain's Jane and Fran! 
An honourable draw... but maybe we should continue this later in the year?!

Thanks everyone for joining in the fun... even if we lost balls on the course we all went away with a colourful new one and a little prize! 

Cape ladies are a special bunch... we are missing those of you who haven't been able to join us for a while... we are thinking about you.
It was great to have Anne playing again today and to see Ros and Di for coffee after.

The eclectic ends at the end of the month... (there are two Thursdays left) and the entry for the knockouts will be closing soon... please make sure you've signed up and paid your entry if you are taking part.

Next Saturday is the start of our weekend Away Trip.  We have a FUN 9 hole competition arranged, just to get us in the swing for the weekend. It is played in threes and should keep us on our toes!

Good luck to those taking part in the Mercedes competition tomorrow. 

PS For those who are interested, this is Phil's website link - if you click HERE it should take you to his website.   And to Marion, many thanks for the offer of storage for the campervan 😃

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