Thursday, March 2, 2017

Whoop whoop!


Whilst the front nine was being played at home (thanks Lindsay and Di), seven more Cape ladies headed for Trevose for our first League match of the season.

There were a few nerves but the early start meant that we had little time to fret.

We had absolutely gorgeous weather! The sun shone... and we had a fresh breeze but considering the low pressures that have been ganging up on the UK recently we were really lucky!

View from the first tee
We have to play in Handicap order in the League matches so Sue then Fi led the way;
I followed on, then Fran, Claire, Bev and Jenny.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to all who played... and those who had offered to stand in if necessary. 

It is exciting playing in matches but it can also make us anxious because we are playing one on one... but whatever we do, we are a team; win, lose, draw, we are one and it is great to be a part of.

It was a delight to play with our Cape Team today... and we did well!

The result?

A draw, three and a half matches each!

This is a really good result for our first match, especially as it is away. 

The two teams were actually very well matched; three pairings had exactly the same handicaps; two ladies received one shot; one received two and one gave two.

Much to our amusement we also shared names...with Sue playing Sue and Jenny playing Jenny!

Claire and Fi had gone up to Trevose on Monday to play the course and that was a very helpful recce. 

The course was in great condition with a lot of work being done on the course even while we played. 
There were two temporary greens and lots of new bunkers which were GUR.

The Trevose ladies were very welcoming and we were provided with a lovely meal afterwards. Thank you to them.

So, WELL DONE CAPE ... and thank you to the team.

We earn One and a half points with an away draw...

(The points system is... 3 points for an away win; 2 for a home win; 1 1/2 for an away draw and 1 for a home draw) 

It was a lovely start to the season!

Now just for fun... 

An overheard phone conversation on the way home...

"THIRTEEN INCHES!!!  I need to see a picture!" 

What on earth could be 13 inches?


Well... it turned out to be a pasty!

Proof is in the picture... the apple is just there for scale!


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