Sunday, March 5, 2017


Wills at Perran

Today was the 36 hole Wills match at Perranporth.
Gale force winds and hail and rain showers ruled the day. Really not good for golf. 

The wind didn't ease at all and was stronger in the afternoon than it had been in the morning!

It was hard to keep your footing walking in the dunes... how the men managed to hit the ball at all was impressive.
The video below gives you an idea of how it was in the morning...

The Result was a win to West Cornwall, 4-1 but Cape made it difficult for West Cornwall and should be proud of how they fought.
The first match out went to the 35th hole... another to the 36th! It was a shame to lose but what a hard fought contest it was. 
The CGU presented the salver and commemorative glass tankards to the men. They praised the  fact theat Cape had done so well with a pool of  only 13 players to choose from for the team!
A final glimpse of the afternoon round.
Well played Cape, it was a pleasure to watch you compete.

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